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Attorneys Laurie A. Cylkowski and Katherine M. Ray
“New Beginnings Are Often Disguised
As Painful Endings.”
-Lao Tzu
Attorneys Laurie A. Cylkowski and Katherine M. Ray

Experienced Family Law Representation

Divorce, custody or another family law issue can feel overwhelming. Our attorneys at Cylkowski Law Office, P.A. , will help you understand your options and your choices. We take the time to listen to you, learn about your situation and explain the law and your options. We have more than 30 years of combined family law experience, helping clients deal with these complex situations.

We handle all aspects of family law including divorce, property division, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, post-decree issues/modifications, paternity matters, enforcement issues, harassment restraining orders and domestic abuse issues. We focus on reaching a resolution without having to litigate. However, if litigation becomes necessary, we are well-prepared and tough courtroom advocates.



Family Law

Family Law

Employment Law

Employment Law

Navigating Asset Division In Divorce

Navigating Asset
Division In Divorce

Answers To Tough Child Custody Questions

Answers To Tough Child Custody Questions

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Family Law And Divorce Lawyers

We know that no two cases are the same. The specific facts of every case always differ, and we never forget that. We know this may be your first time dealing with the legal system and courts, and we work to help you understand the process and bring you peace of mind.

Our attorneys also understand the variety of challenges you may face with child custody issues. We understand how important your children are and we can help you develop a viable custody plan as well as aggressively protect your interests if litigation becomes necessary.

Property and asset division is very important, as appropriately dividing assets and debts can help protect your future and that of your children. It is critical this is done accurately, as property settlements are rarely modified.

Client Testimonials

6 Stars Out Of 5

I would describe Laurie’s representation as honest, analytical, truly caring, dependable, and forward-thinking. She was willing to spend the time needed to answer questions and come up with solutions. She truly cared about the kids. She was a bulldog in the courtroom – well prepared. My rating of Laurie is 6 stars out of 5.  I couldn’t have made it through without her.

– Jim Borchert

Incredibly Professional

Laurie represented me in my divorce. She was incredibly professional, she is tough and honest and willing to fight for her clients. She helped me through one of the toughest times of my life and got a settlement that was more than I could’ve hoped for. She is efficient and fair and she and her staff work very quickly.

– M. S.

Empathy And Genuine Concern

“I would highly recommend Cylkowski Law Office.  Laurie took over my child support case after a completely ineffective attorney had left me hanging.  She dove into an intricate divorce history and made sense of it, providing sound guidance and skilled advocacy.  The office was prompt with responses, and I felt I had a true partner in wading through legal muck with an adversarial ex and children with complicated special needs.  Laurie’s empathy and genuine concern for my wellbeing was obvious and I was lucky to count her firm as an ally during a highly stressful time in my life.”    

-Kelly G

Ten Star Rating

“If you need an attorney that is hardworking, professional, and dedicated to your case, then you have found the right law office. They are upfront and honest about everything, including the difficult issues. I had a rather difficult case and Laurie was the only attorney willing to take my case. She and her staff worked hard to resolve the legal issues I had over my divorce and I am now able to move forward with my life thanks to Laurie and her staff. Legal issues can be all-consuming and stressful, but they made life bearable during the entire matter. If I could give them ten stars as a rating I would.”

-Mike H

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