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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

At Cylkowski Law Office, P.A., our goal is always client satisfaction and here are some comments our clients have provided to us about their experience working with us. Feel free to call us at 651-882-7808 or send us a message with our contact form to set up an appointment to discuss your situation.


“A Calming And Confident Presence”

While no one wishes to be in a divorce or child custody battle, Ms. Cylkowski is a knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney that was able to get up to speed quickly on the facts of my case and guide me through the process. I say this after having worked with other attorneys in a long, complicated divorce. Other attorneys made me feel like a box on a factory line. Ms. Cylkowski gave my case the time and attention that was needed to be successful in court. She was a calming and confident presence during very difficult court proceedings. I was able to get the best as could be expected outcome and hiring her turned my divorce around. I have used her in the years after and have gotten fair outcomes for my family. My experiences with Cylkowski Law have been excellent.

-Michele Erving

“Ten Star Rating”

If you need an attorney that is hardworking, professional, and dedicated to your case, then you have found the right law office. They are upfront and honest about everything, including the difficult issues. I had a rather difficult case and Laurie was the only attorney willing to take my case. She and her staff worked hard to resolve the legal issues I had over my divorce and I am now able to move forward with my life thanks to Laurie and her staff. Legal issues can be all-consuming and stressful, but they made life bearable during the entire matter. If I could give them ten stars as a rating I would.

-Mike H

“6 Stars Out Of 5”

I would describe Laurie’s representation as honest, analytical, truly caring, dependable, and forward-thinking. She was willing to spend the time needed to answer questions and come up with solutions. She truly cared about the kids. She was a bulldog in the courtroom – well prepared. My rating of Laurie is 6 stars out of 5.  I couldn’t have made it through without her.

-Jim Borchert

“Empathy And Genuine Concern”

I would highly recommend Cylkowski Law Office.  Laurie took over my child support case after a completely ineffective attorney had left me hanging.  She dove into an intricate divorce history and made sense of it, providing sound guidance and skilled advocacy.  The office was prompt with responses, and I felt I had a true partner in wading through legal muck with an adversarial ex and children with complicated special needs.  Laurie’s empathy and genuine concern for my wellbeing was obvious and I was lucky to count her firm as an ally during a highly stressful time in my life.

-Kelly G

“I Highly Recommend Them!”

I found Cylkowski Law Office after starting out my divorce with a different attorney who did not meet my expectations. My divorce was made extremely complex by opposing counsel’s desire to bill as much time as possible to their client.  Although Katherine Ray was confronted with constant unnecessary rude and combative behavior from my ex’s attorney, she stayed calm and replied only to relevant issues that needed a response, rather than fall into their trap and argue endlessly at my expense.  She conducted herself extremely professionally and always had my best interest first.  She fought hard when it came to issues that were important to me and showed great effort at compromise and settlement on issues that were not as critical. Laurie Cylkowski, the senior attorney, did great stepping in when years of experience and legal wisdom were needed.  Overall Cylkowski Law worked as a team to get the best outcome possible for me. I highly recommend them!


“Cylkowski Law Office Came To My Rescue”

I am with all sincerity breathing today only because of expert legal representation provided to me by Cylkowski Law Office. I was the best husband any family would ask for working two jobs to take care of the family while my ex-wife stayed home and concentrated on her nursing training. At the end of the successful nursing training, the marriage that I worked hard to keep came crashing. As the good God would guide me, Cylkowski Law office came to my rescue.  Thank you Laurie for your skilled legal representation. Over the past several years, I have referred others to Laurie Cylkowski, and I will continue to do so any time I run into people in need of such services.

-Livi D

“Incredibly Professional”

Laurie represented me in my divorce. She was incredibly professional, she is tough and honest and willing to fight for her clients. She helped me through one of the toughest times of my life and got a settlement that was more than I could’ve hoped for. She is efficient and fair and she and her staff work very quickly.

-M. S.

“Compassionate And Understanding, Knowledgeable And Assertive”

Laurie Cylkowski came highly recommended by an attorney friend. She and her assistant instantly put us at ease. She was compassionate and understanding, knowledgeable and assertive in obtaining the results we wanted so we could move on with our lives. I am thankful she was sent my way. When or if I am ever in need of an attorney again, Laurie will be my first call.

– H. Hubbell